Chita Kids flagship boutique by bcSTUDIO, Košice – Slovakia

January 28th, 2015 by retail design blog

bcSTUDIO has designed a new flagship store in Aupark located in Košice, Slovakia called Chita Kids.To give all emphasis on the product (the clothes themselves), the majority of the store is left predominantly white. Silhouettes of various safari animals painted on the wall, butterflies protruding from the wall and life size three-dimensional trees mimic a children’s story book. They invite customers and most important children into the store, making them feel as though they are walking into their own fantasy world.

The playful Chita paws painted on the floor guide children to the play area at the back of the store via way finding. The kids can play and/or sit and watch their favorite cartoons on the TV while their parents peacefully look around the store. When they are ready, the children (usually reluctant to shop) are delighted to try on clothes because the environment is familiar, exciting and interactive. All details are thought out thoroughly, to make the space inviting to parents and children alike.

All wall and floor furniture is modular and flexible to accommodate easy rearranging, keeping the store looking fresh all the time. It allows the displays to change to best suit the clothes (according to season) they are displaying. The layout is easy for parents to ordinate themselves in and the back play area is tucked away for safety but clearly visible from all sides of the store.
The design concept of the store is a simple yet animated space that, most importantly, considers and addresses the needs of the little ones. It is meant to inspires and facilitate their imagination and allow them to play the protagonist in the story.

Design: bcSTUDIO, Barbara Corej

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