Hunt a Lobster Restaurant by Seventh Studio, Moscow – Russia

February 17th, 2015 by retail design blog

Have you ever hunted a lobster? Now you can do it. Choose one from aquarium and it will go to open kitchen. You can see how it is cooking. The best seafood that fished near Russian seashores gets to the restaurant during 24 hours after they are hooked. So it makes Raw Bar possible. You can eat great choice of raw dishes made from seafood. Relax on soft sofas between brutal metal elements, vintage lamps and green plants. Look at Moscow center threw the panoramic windows and choose pan Asian food.

Design: Seventh Studio / Yuriy Yumashev / Yuriy Cherebedov / Dmitriy Zhukov
Photography: Alexandr Usanov

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    The best restaurant that I see income

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