Cyclocross Wooden Bike by Paul Timmer

March 1st, 2015 by retail design blog

One of the newest wooden bikes, Cyclocross is a sleek, natural design by Paul Timmer. Though the design follows the wooden bike trend, it stands out. Timmer’s model is more minimalist than the Analogone, the Duo, Sawyer, and this student design by Nic Roberts. It’s not as high-tech as Kasper de Backer’s e-bike, and that’s a good thing for people looking for a traditional ride. Timmer’s single-speed bicycle has its own style and performance points. Lightweight at less than 25 pounds, the bike is easy to carry, making it more convenient for urban riders. Despite its weight, the wooden frame absorbs shock and delivers a pretty smooth riding experience as well. The frame is crafted from solid ash, and the supporting components are 3D-printed in aluminum. Handsome and practical, the black and tan design features unique forks and a belt instead of a chain.

Design: Paul Timmer
Photography: Merce Wouthuysen

via Gessato

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