Brasserie ’t Klooster by Interieurbureau Wille, De Pinte – Belgium

March 13th, 2015 by retail design blog

In her design interior architect Heidi Wille (Interieurbureau Wille) respected the original state of ’t Klooster, an earlier convent. To make the restaurant young and fresh again, she did a few contemporary interventions. Beside the acoustics she also improved the lighting. She chose for the Bubble-lighting of Dark, a unique lighting fixture in a hand-blown look. The construction of a new library and fireplace are a added value to the restaurant. There are also new big windows so that the restaurant can integrate with the terrace. The terrace that is on the front of the restaurant, had a new roof with blinds. The autentic qualities of the building were brought forward by the use of natural materials and colors, such as natural stone and wood. The original convent table, on which the nuns used to eat, is brought back to the restaurant. There is a new table with the same lenght but he’s higher. This family table is a perfect spot for a larger group.

Design: Interieurbureau Wille
Photography: Jean Godecharle

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