Get Store by AMlab, Fossano – Italy

March 22nd, 2015 by retail design blog

In Get Store place, it’s possible to find handicrafts brands and authentic items. The philosophy is based on a conscientious and careful research of Made in Italy products. The result is an original project, able to instil a distinct and timeless identity, which focuses on the customer, to give him back a place to be “reborn”. The Get Store’s project (store of clothing and shoes in the typical setting of the Piedmont’s arcades), is signed by AMlab Creative Laboratory and comes from a fascinating and demanding challenge: create a place that evokes a style. Get Store is, the story of two brothers, two personalities that brush against each other, that confront themselves, that complement one another to define a style, a new way to communicate themselves. Two strong personalities who have chosen, in this historical period marked by uncertainties and difficulties, to invest in change and to evolve into a new form and with a new language.

AMlab’s mission was to create a friendly atmosphere, made of refined details and 50s inspirations; when design becomes a carrier of meaning and Made in Italy starts its international success. An intimate space, in which warm atmosphere invites to speak, creating authentic relationships based on shared core values. The same values shared by Get Store and AMlab which made possible this collaboration: passion, uniqueness and authenticity. The styling, materials and colors’ choices of Get Store are a tribute to the timeless elegance of the 50s, to the unique style of this people who have dictated the timing of fashions. Everything tells a story, from sinuous lines of the furniture to the use of noble materials such as wood, marble and copper.

All reinterpreted in a contemporary way and through a new and unusual language, able to give back a sensory dimension to space, arousing emotions and memories to the consumer. The shapes that animate the environment gives an elegant and never out of place style, according to Get stores’ wardrobe selection. For AMlab Creative Laboratory every project is customized and made of details. The secret of AMlab’s success is the constant innovation and the integration of strategic planning, design and implementation, which allows it to support the customer in every stage of the project, ensuring full compliance with the time and budget targets.

Design: AMlab
Photography: Daniele Molineris

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