Trees and Rocks table by Martin Azua

March 24th, 2015 by retail design blog

Barcelona designer Martin Azua has created a table that plays on the contrast in properties between wood and stone. The Trees and Rocks table features central discs of Venato Carrara marble set into a main frame of Spanish walnut, but future versions may feature different combinations of material. “I wanted to make a table with two fine materials that are very attractive in themselves and don’t need any kind of ornamentation because their surface are always different and full of information,” said Azua. “The wood is warm and soft and the marble is cold and tough.”

The marble also serves a practical function, creating a heat- and scratch-resistant section on the surface of the table. Azua’s latest creation is part of his Numbered collection, which features products created in collaboration with local craftsmen using local materials. Each piece is designed to incorporate elements that can evolve and change naturally with time and use.

via Dezeen

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  1. jasompaul says:

    I like this table and i can make this kind of table my self. Thanks to give me procedure to make this kind of furniture. I think this furniture is more successful in us. 

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