Kisu Asian Restaurant by Studio Yaron Tal, Tel Aviv – Israel

March 30th, 2015 by retail design blog

Kisu (kiss in Japanese) is an asian restaurant located near Tel Aviv. The design is asian inspired mostly from the Japanese culture. Every wall in the restaurant gives another glimpse of the mysterious culture. The entrance wall is covered with Hexagons in different colors which change with every angle you look. Another wall next to the bar is actually a partition made from colored aluminum chain with a printed image of rice field printed all over it. You must take a step away to enjoy the great image. Above the bar hangs decorative light fixtures made from Cardboard that looks like Japanese candles with warm light. The inspiration for the design is all of the textures, spices and colors of the far east.- Experience for all senses.

Design: Studio Yaron Tal
Photosgraphy: Yoav Gurin

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