NONELI Floor Lamp by Auriga Studio for Formabilio

March 31st, 2015 by retail design blog

Noneli is a LED floor lamp with a simple and harmonious shape unveiling a charming personality. The contrast between the solidity of the base and the thinness of the graphic stem is also emphasized by the choice of both materials and finishes. The three feet base is made of wood ash, while the stem is made of tubular steel. It seems to stand out against the empty space of the room, by drawing a trajectory impressively ending with a Led light source. With its twiggy while important presence, Noneli imposes itself in the domestic environment and creates a beam of light to place near to the sofa, in a reading corner or on the working desk.

Solid ash-wood harvested from forests managed according to environmental sustainability standards, hand painted with natural oil. Steel varnished with water based varnishes. LED lamp, 13 w

Auriga Studio is a young team that just a year ago decided to pursue a common project. Its knowledge is based on architectural studies, between the IUAV and the UNIUD, but it has always been open to every creative field, being aware of how crucial are research and experimentation. It believes that a good project should merge simplicity and honesty together. Design is timeless and, at the same time, an evidence of our evolving needs. It says about Formabilio: “Formabilio, first individually and then as a group, gave us the chance to express ourselves as designers and to realize our ideas.”

FORMABILIO.COM – We turn the best ideas into exclusive, eco-friendly products 100% made in Italy. Formabilio is an Italian brand of eco-friendly furniture and home accessories conceived by designers from all over the world through online contests, chosen by a community of design lovers, manufactured by small companies of the Made in Italy and available online on the e-commerce platform Formabilio is a design brand: crowdsourced, thanks to the community of more than 125.000 registered users – that pick the best projects to put to production among those submitted to the design contest; made in Italy because the winning ideas are turned into furniture by small manufacturingcompanies, partners of Formabilio, and eco-friendly as our products have a green design and are made of locally sourced timber, recycled or regenerated fabrics with water based varnish or natural oil finish.

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