Le Chocolat des Français Packaging

April 9th, 2015 by retail design blog

Le chocolat des Français is a line of French chocolate bars that have a playful, and unique brand identity featuring a variety of amazing illustrations on its packaging. “When we started working on the visual identity of Le chocolat des Français, we were very excited because the chocolate bar is in itself a wonderful format, an artist’s canvas that wraps a delicious product which almost everyone appreciates.” The Swiss and Belgians are known worldwide for their chocolates, not the French. Le chocolat des Français is 100% made in France, a unique brand attribute that was an exciting area for them to explore and exploit through their packaging artwork. Known for frogs being on the menu in France, the main logo mark sitting on the top of each label shows froggy eyes peeking over at you.

We contacted fifty french artists such as Marie Assénat, Serge Bloch, Edith Carron, Gaston Lapoyade… We gave them ‘carte blanche’ with only one restraint: evoking France. Looking at what each artist brought to the table is awe inspiring. An eclectic, creative and clever group of artwork. The girl with a camera taking a picture of the Eiffel Tower, the “ooh, la la” script font, the silly poodle. And, the crown jewel of the collection that received the gold foil treatment – the roosters! As the unofficial national symbol of France, the rooster (he’s wearing kicks & riding a skateboard!) stole my heart.

Design: Le chocolat des Français
Creative directors: Paul-Henri Masson / Matthieu Escande
Art director: Paul-Henri Masson
Illustrators: Edith Carron / Marie Assénat / Broll & Prascida / Serge Bloch / Soba, Gaston de Lapoyade / Maud Begon / Jean André / Clea LALA / Laurene Boglio / Laura Junger / Amélie Wagner / Steffie Brocoli / Laureline Galliot / Ludovic Faledam / Stéphane Maupin / Marc Socié / Jean-Christophe Valleran / Emmma Valleran / Gael Davrinche / Mlle Forma / Arthur de Pins / Jul / Matthieu Laroussinie / Guillaume Chauchat / Jennifer Bongibault / Simon Bournel / Mr Walter / Julia Spiers / Remi Wyart / Miss Bean / Victor Hussenot / Yasmine Gateau / Quentin Williaume / Julien Cheng / Jean-Manuel Duvivier / Pascal lemaitre / Madeline Peirsman / Alexandre Doucin

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