Tavolo Restaurant by Jump Branding & Design Inc., Oakville – Canada

April 16th, 2015 by retail design blog

A “vintage new” vibe is created by vintage and modern chandeliers, antique mirrors, reclaimed Egyptian doors, early 19th-century feature tables, and a grappa cabinet. Enhancing the visual surroundings are tactile materials such as copper surfacing, weathered brick veneer with a herringbone pattern, Nero Marquina marble, and natural-oil-rubbed, live-edge walnut. Reclaimed Hemlock structures lend warmth, while signature lighting from old naval vessels illuminate the counter. Dining experiences are defined with varied seating within view of the open kitchen.

A.R.E. Design Awards 2015 – Silver Award

Design: Jump Branding & Design Inc.

via A.R.E. Design Awards

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