Nutella Kiosk by Estúdio Jacarandá, São Paulo – Brazil

April 23rd, 2015 by retail design blog

Estúdio Jacarandá has created the project for the first official NUTELLA kiosk in the world, which was opened early 2015 in Sao Paulo. From the NUTELLA jar’s iconic silhouette were born the designs for the display, totem, stools and visual merchandising. Each side of the kiosk has a distinct function, though they all highlight the quality of the product, which is sold on site on breads and crepes. From the front of the kiosk, where the Nutella jar-shaped display is located, one can watch the spectacle of the coveted crepes being made. On the right side clients may take pictures alongside a giant jar, or observe the main ingredients in NUTELLA in an illuminated showcase. Featured are also the displays outlined with lights and the composition of the colors white and red, which represent the brand, in harmony with wood. There is also the unmistakable tridimensional logo, which rests upon the counter, where the clients are able to savor the products while watching people go by the busy Paulista Avenue.

Design: Estúdio Jacarandá – architecture + retail design
Photography: Cezar Kirizawa

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