Cos Urban Landscape by André Fu, Hong Kong – China

May 24th, 2015 by retail design blog

Architect André Fu of AFSO was behind the launch of COS’s autumn-winter 2015 collection in Asia, which took place on the Upper Deck of Pier 4 in the Central district of Hong Kong. Intrigued by the challenge of taking his design language into a conceptual experience in order to redefine the relationship between fashion and modern mindsets, Fu created Urban Landscape – a journey for spectators that was scattered throughout a sequence of unique spaces to be unveiled layer by layer.

Guests arrived via the Cube, a 3 by 4 metre glass structure supported by a white metal frame. Upon passing through the Cube, a forest-green lacquered floating passage emerged, leading to the Zen garden. Transformed from the building’s half-opened industrial structure, the garden acted as a transitional space to purify the guests’ mind before the performance.

Set against the stunning backdrop of Victoria Harbour, the entire installation used different shades of grey as the key tone to create an organic and serene atmosphere. The terraced stage featured a suspended bridge connected to a pair of enormous cubes, one transparent and one mirrored. Along a path of thoughtfully arranged glass levels, models donning the brand’s signature style glided past the reflection of lights and changing tones. The installation was greatly inspired by the emotional quality of space and urbanity in modern Asian cities. In the words of the ultra-modern minimalist Fu: ‘It is about embracing the modern Asian spirit, to create a visual narrative that translates the cities’ urban life.’

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