Milk & Honey Land Packaging by Depot WPF

July 7th, 2015 by retail design blog

City dwellers are fed up with cliches. We no longer believe in the charm of ‘French’ bakeries and ‘Italian’ pizza restaurants. We look for real emotions, not for just another craft, heritage or vintage pastiche. ‘Milk and honey land’ performs as a distributor for several farms, delivering to its customers meat, poultry, milk, bread… and emotions — adorable for their innocence & naivete.

Design: Depot WPF / Creative director: Alexey Fadeev / Art Director: Vera Zvereva / Designers: Vera Zvereva, Maria Ponomareva / Project Manager: Catherine Lavrov / 3D modeling: Sergei Zhigalev

via Packaging of the World

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