GSMA Headquarters by Engine Room Design & The Interiors Group, London – UK

July 9th, 2015 by retail design blog

The Interiors Group, together with architecture and design group Engine Room Design, have recently created a modern, cutting-edge interior design the headquarters of the GSMA, the organisation that represents the interests of mobile operators worldwide.

The Interiors Group and Engine Room were briefed to create a ‘marketplace’ for employees and visitors to come together and engage in creative enterprise that was not just visually stimulating and representative of a modern technology company, but that would support the GSMA’s new working strategy; centred around agility and team working. The colour concept is principally white with bold blocks of red, which echoes the corporate and brand colour and is picked out almost immediately in reception as well as in the furniture.

Linear and symmetrical lines in the reception area creates a futuristic feel with an added “wow” factor and visitors are met with the striking contrast of a bold red against white walls. The “red” strip runs from floor to ceiling acting as a visual frame for the reception desk. This, coupled with two back-lit reception desks, block feature lights directly above the desk and inset LED tube overhead lighting, helps create a strong visual impact.

Beyond the reception desk, visitors enter the “piazza”, a public space at the heart of this office. This zone has been carefully designed to suit a variety of individual and group requirements and features a mixture of soft seating: individual lounge chairs, standing height benches with perching stools, high back sofas, individual lounge chairs and fixed banquet style seating. This area is multi-purpose: visitors can wait in this space, small groups can come together for general discussion or it can be used as an informal meeting space.

From reception through to the spacious office floor, each area has been carefully planned and fitted out with built-in flexibility to help reduce the monotony of day-to-day office life. All booths, pods, meeting and conference rooms, have been fitted with intelligent pre-booking systems allowing authorised employees and visitors to schedule meetings from any part of the world via their mobile device.

The Interiors Group and Engine Room have delivered a design that captures the GSMA’s brand values and draws inspiration from the company’s flagship event, the Mobile World Congress. The result embraces the latest cutting-edge technologies to create a working environment that inspires and energises its employees.

Design: Engine Room Design
Fit Out: The Interiors Group
Photography: Philip Durrant

via Office Snapshots

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One thought on “GSMA Headquarters by Engine Room Design & The Interiors Group, London – UK

  1. The overhead red lights do look pretty astonishing, granted, however I can’t get rid of the feeling they might be too over the top (no pun intended) in the sense of color. Meaning, that red, typically is a bit heavy on the eyes. If the room/office is to be used for prolonged periods of time, I reckon more soothing colors would be preferable but that’s only surface knowledge to be honest. I am in no way an interior expert, but I do find it all quite interesting to begin with.

    The last picture shows a very cool workplace. I bet it would be quite interesting and challenging creativity-wise to work in a tube-like space. And a blue tube at that.

    Great ideas and images, keep them coming!

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