Refreshment Centers Coca-Cola® Chile Office by Instore, Santiago – Chile

July 10th, 2015 by retail design blog

The Coca-Cola® Chile corporate offices needed to improve and update the image of their refreshment centers on floors 10 and 11. They were partially closed spaces located in places little connected with all the working floors and with an image inconsistent with each other. These spaces neither reflected their products nor the brand’s philosophy towards their partners.

The strategy was to develop a proposal that would connect the hermetic and fractured spaces by integrating and opening new areas intended for the company’s different teams interaction, work and leisure. Stairs and the building’s central nucleus were used as a position benchmark. This central core was strategically the area to intervene, since the proposal intended to achieve an overall communicating and integrating effect.

Based on the brand’s values, vision and team, the design pillars that would support the global image of the intervention were defined. Identity, integration and innovation, would then become the basic and key design elements. Elements which should be expressed in both the whole intervention and in specific design elements. This new spatiality and atmosphere, where warm woods, color accenting and lighting, lit environments, and branding related to internal communication and brand identity stand out, concentrated and valued its mission to refresh, inspire and bring together their members, partners and customers.

Design: Instore
Photography: Marcos Mendizabal

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