Rich & Royal Store Visual Merchandising by Blocher Blocher, Berlin – Germany

July 14th, 2015 by retail design blog

Rich & Royal: Award for Visual Merchandising and decoration concept from Blocher Blocher View

A touch of Paris
The Visual Marketing Experts at Blocher Blocher View have been awarded in the international VMSD Visual Competition. The Jury honoured the visual merchandising and decoration (concept and performance) for the Berlin based Fashion store Rich & Royal with an honorable mention. In 2015 the competition was held for the 21st time.

The concept
For the opening, Blocher Blocher View was inspired by the current Rich & Royal campaign that was shot in Paris. The motto of “Take me to Paris” combines the romantic look in the shop window and in-store with rocky styles: the Eiffel tower appears in various-sized miniature forms, metal frames with outsized light bulbs evoke the French Varieté. Colour blots stickers on shop windows and showcases appear as if brushed on by street artists.

Colour and styles ensure recognition value everywhere, here a delicate pink, there, black deco walls on which the products become intriguing eye-catchers. Interior elements are turned into staging tools by the visual merchandisers without much further ado: the display cubes, for example, become a part of the shop window design. Just like the steel rear wall elements as three-dimensional display objects, framing the mannequins with their cool, young postures. For the opening rough-looking fabric- covered tailor’s dolls present the fashion, in the future the merchandise will be displayed on dark fibreglass, semi-transparent mannequins.

Meanwhile the successful store design of Blocher Blocher Shops for Rich & Royal has been multiplied.

Visual Merchandising, Decoration: Blocher Blocher View
Store Design: Blocher Blocher Shops
Photography: Klaus Mellethin for Blocher Blocher Partners

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