METIS Desk by Gonçalo Campos for WEWOOD

July 23rd, 2015 by retail design blog

METIS is a compact desk, offering a real storage solution, named after the Greek godess that personified Wisdom, Cunning and Prudence.

This desk helps you keep your workspace tidy and organized with three drawers, two lidded sections and one secret compartment. METIS is also prepared to conceal all device cables and wires so that the working top remains clear and uncluttered. Several little details where considered in this product. From the inclined fronts that keep the drawers out of the way when seating, to the concealed string that opens a secret compartment, all carefully designed and tested to be functional and comfortable to use. Together all these aspects make for a thoughtful product that will delight and inspire all who have the pleasure to work on it.

METIS desk was designed for WEWOOD

Design: Gonçalo Campos

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