Communal Coffee & Eatery by Communal Studio, Surabaya – Indonesia

July 24th, 2015 by retail design blog

Communal Coffee & Eatery is located in East Surabaya, Jl. Kertajaya Indah Tengah, Surabaya, Indonesia. Communal is designed by Communal Studio which its specialty in Coffee Shop. This café is built on 250 sqm. It was done for 4 months. Pop Garden is chosen as its concept and it can be said that the one and only around its neighborhood. Mainly, it is dominated with recycle brick, and wood plank. The turquoise is chosen as the unique identity.

This place is divided into two floors. The inside of first floor can accommodate around 30 people. Once we step on inside the coffee, we will see funny pop arts. The lightening brings us in a warm environment. While on a second floor, the second floor is quite different. In terms of its capacity, it can accommodate 45 people inside, 15 people outside the lightening. Also, it’s dimmer with vertical garden as its vocal point. Smoking area is placed on balcony of the second floor with natural air circulation.

Design: Communal Studio
Photography: Theoderikus Equitas Tejakusuma (Ekky)
Reviewed by: Tri Akhmad Efendi

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