Eway.vn Office by Catinat Design, Hanoi – Vietnam

July 24th, 2015 by retail design blog

EWAY Vietnam is one of the leading technology firms in Vietnam. The company provides Affiliate Marketing services on mobile. As the operation model, EWAY is awarded that Employees should be the key development. Nowadays, the globalization keeps people living faster instead of living better. The people keep their-self everyday in building of brick, stone, glass … It’s seemed modern, comfortable but rigid.

EWAY thinks out of the box. They do not want to lock their staff in the cold office. The EWAY’s CEOs are wondering about the innovative work environment but friendly, cohesive people and close to nature.

When embarking on the design, the first thing that CATINAT design mention is re-construction the workspace. After understanding the business and working environment, along with the very young EWAY staffs, we split among several types of workspaces as follows:
• The Social workspace
• The Interactive workspace
• Meeting Area
• Brainstorming Area including formal and informal area

The design combines the standard working area together to gain the effectiveness. This classification helps EWAY’s employees can exchange and be flexible in the workspace. Additionally, the new-style workspace makes employees can interact more, share knowledge, relaxing and enhance the value of work and life.

Specific to each space: the social sector is the stylized with the stairs which are similar to those in sports stadium in the park along with green carpet like green grass. This space can be used for training or coaching sessions. More attractively, this can be used for all company members to gather to watch a football match together or celebrate a big party birthday with a wide space. Besides that, we will have an great interactive area for small group discussions such as: a simple wooden house or a comfortable sofa or a curved wooden benches with the surrounding foliage.

Another familiar image of Vietnam which can be brought in is having some bamboo fences where you can find like being home to have unique new ideas for work and personal life. Another area is your meeting rooms, they will be small copies of stadiums and gymnasiums where you feel freely and comfortably to let your mind flow and be full with new ideas on jobs. And after working hours, you can turn it into real sport yards with table tennis, dance square …etc. for all interesting games to burn out as much calories as you all can do.

According to blue and orange walls, we would like to bring a dazzling space beside the transmission of brand value as another highlight for office. In addition, mixing of small trees among working table truly made a green and healthy office. With the exchange carefully, understand the activities and clear business vision, CATINAT design brings to EWAY a breakthrough and closer to nature space. The design specialized on people benefits, contribute to sustainable value for the operation and development of the business.

Design: Catinat Design / Thai Dung
Photography: Thai Dung

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