Montblanc M by Marc Newson

September 11th, 2015 by retail design blog

In June, designboom was invited to a special event in Milan to witness the unveiling of Montblanc’s first ever designer collaboration. After more than a century, the german brand known for its in-house creative development and production of luxury writing instruments, has worked alongside Marc Newson who has brought forth a new aesthetic language and contemporary spirit to Montblanc with the ‘Montblanc M’.

Today, we are finally allowed to show you the elegance of Newson’s design. Characterized by organic forms that highlight his signature style, the ‘Montblanc M’ encompasses the original craftsmanship and approach of the Maison with Newson’s signature stylistic elements, resulting in a handwriting experience that is a perfect balance between form and function.

Marc Newson’s ‘Montblanc M’ draws from the traditional craftsmanship of the luxury brand, with every element and detail of his design providing a multi-sensory experience. the writing instrument simultaneously functions as a fineliner pen for technical drawing and precision required of creatives like Newson himself. The functionality of the ‘Montblanc M’ is characterized by a clever magnet that ensures the closure of the body and hood is in perfect alignment; whereby the clip runs in line with the innovative plateau at the barrel end — allowing the instrument to fit comfortably between the thumb and index finger. An additional snap mechanism simplifies the closure to secure the cap in place.

Aesthetically, Newson has maintained the distinctive elements of Montblanc with the use of a black precious resin for the body. The plateau at the end is obtained through milling the material using a diamond tool, shaping its fluid lines. The iconic Montblanc emblem is also embedded using ultrasonic welding to ensure a surface that is perfectly flat and smooth, while the clip is rendered with platinum plating and is mounted to the cap in a invisible way, as to not interrupt the lines of the design.

For the first time on this occasion a gold nib AU585 is used, in a two-tone finish of rhodium and ruthenium, topped off by the inscription of ‘MN’ — an homage to Marc Newson — on those nibs produced in the year of the ‘Montblanc M’ launch.

‘Like Montblanc, I seek to strike a balance in the design between the simplicity of the functional qualities of this product and the creation of a sensory experience in its use,’ explains Marc Newson. ‘From the sight of the shape’s clean lines or the detailed plating of the nib, from the touch and feel of the writing instrument with its polished surface and ruthenium forepart, to the sound of the click of the cap as it is drawn to the body of the writing instrument with the magnet, ‘Montblanc M’ offers a seamless writing experience that engages the senses.’

The ‘Montblanc M’ is available as a fountain pen, rollerball pen, ballpoint pen as well as a screenwritier, for use on a touch screen, and as a fine art and fineliner for technical drawing. Marc Newson’s ‘Montblanc M’ will be available in montblanc boutiques worldwide from September 2015.

Design: Marc Newson
Images courtesy of Montblanc // designboom

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