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A coffee roastery shop design that goes into the building where the post office was originally located.
While retaining the appearance and atmosphere of the building that was there for about 50 years,
I designed it to make the most of the potential of the building.
A concrete-polished counter with a formwork on site. Furniture that makes the best use of the texture of iron. Crushing beans
Inspired by, shelves made of recycled materials made from crushed fibers.
By’blending’they in the good old space and’extracting’ the goodness of each.
The space is finished to inherit the appearance without the sense of incongruity that the brand newness has.

Interior design : moss.
Construction : Yuki Sataka (a.d.p) | Daisuke Sato (mog craft)
Partners : Shinya Araki(Handihouse Project)| Fuminori Kudo (Nuri labo+) | Jun Terao (Design Studio pintto) | Green Art | Yumi Matsushita | Slaptone inc. | さいとう工房
Photo : Koji Fujii (TOREAL)
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