Andy Wolf Eyewear store concept

October 7th, 2015 by retail design blog

Hartberg August 2015 – ANDY WOLF EYEWEAR launches its first own store concept in the form of a glasses paternoster. The unique display with recognition value focuses on the core statement of the Hartenberg-based glasses company – “Handmade in Austria”.

Everywhere has simple glasses shelves, so ANDY WOLF EYEWEAR’s aim was to develop a unique shopping experience. The shop display with recognition value not only stands out visually from the competition, it also arouses the customer’s interest and invites them to “play”. Although the glasses are all visible, most of them are out of reach. Desire is thus awakened in the salesroom and motivates viewers to turn the crank.

The design is based on ANDY WOLF EYEWEAR’s philosophy and follows the handmade credo. The main materials used are scrap wood and metal – raw and rusty, with a natural look and feel. All mechanical drive elements are installed so they are visible and were welded and assembled by hand. The real, solid scrap wood gives the lift a high-quality haptic surface.

This combination creates a unique moving stage for the glasses. The paternoster has an overall height of 1450 mm and can accommodate 24 unfolded glasses, with compact dimensions of W x H x D – 500 x 1450 x 400 mm. It can be free-standing or mounted on the base draw unit or directly on the wall. Lighting and a large folding mirror are optional.

“With our glasses paternoster, we have developed our first own shop system. It took a long time for us to find something suitable that met our high standards. In addition, it was particularly important for us that it was also manufactured in Austria,” says Katharina Plattner, designer and director at ANDY WOLF EYEWEAR. The glasses paternoster will be launched and presented to customers at SILMO 2015 in Paris. The new design line – ANDY WOLF, LOVE – was photographed in a paternoster especially for this event.

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