Level 23 Office by DZAP, Leeuwarden – Netherlands

November 5th, 2015 by retail design blog

In the North of The Netherlands, on the edge of Leeuwarden a new, 2 floor loft office, has been build which looks out over the green farmlands. As an interior architect at DZAP I designed the interior for this light and modern office. When entering the floors of this office the main focus is the magnificent view of the green farmlands thorough a glazed façade which spans the whole width of the building. The challenge was to keep this focus and to design an interior which guides your view outside.

The interior was kept light and because the height of the ceilings of the building a pavilion was designed to bring back the human scale, the ceiling of this pavilion was ‘suspended’ from three arches which connect the entrance to the glazed façade guiding your field of view to the outside. On the first floor the independent offices, reception desk and pantry are situated in this pavilion. On the second floor the pavilion provides space for the boardroom, two smaller meeting rooms and a lounge. The kitchen was placed on the outside of these meeting rooms and fluently turns into the bar.

The colours and materials are kept light to provide maximum contrast with the green outside world. The oak battens on the outside of the offices and meeting rooms provide some privacy but also function as a door handle on the fully glazed doors and on all the cabinets and the wardrobe situated on the outside of the pavilion. The light plan was designed by Modular and seamlessly incorporated into the design. The acoustic spray ceiling prevents resonance and attributes to the light environment.

Design: DZAP / Jeff van der Wees
Photography: Stijn Poelstra

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