Bistro Goose by Golucci International Design, Beijing – China

November 23rd, 2015 by retail design blog

Designer and creative director LEE Hsuheng, has recently completed Bistro Goose hut, a new bright and clean bistro located in the central business district of Beijing, China.The design concept is from the brand of restaurant “Bird House”. Bird house structure attached on the “Trees”. The two themes try to communicated pure and simple lifestyle. It look like a warm lovely Cafe but it is totally reserve and offers traditional Hunan home dish. Which means the food here has a taste of home, designers hope the restaurant environment work reveals the Nordic welfare nation’s sense of security, equipped with her mother cooking food fragrant homemade however, let the Beijing CBD people to relax.

Goose hut, a home symbol
In Chinese literature, goose migration is a symbol of homesickness; it has appeared in all kinds of writing styles and remembered by all Chinese as a prominent sign. Hsu-Heng Lee explains that the idea of goose hut was proposed because his client was born in Hu-Nan.

Lee said Kengo Kuma’s book “Ten Houses” did influence him significantly; the book categorized ten building types in Japan and made connections of Japanese residential design to living spaces in ltaly and Scandinavian countries. Lee believes the spatial ambience of Scandinacian countries is the most intriguing type of space that can be adopted for a restaurant. Located in Beijing’s central business ring-CBD, the restaurant faces frivolous competition so a rather restrained spatial ambience was the perfect contrast to the district’s clamorous, dense luxury. Like a coffee shop rather than the typical impression of a thick color Chinese restaurant, Bistro Goose Hut reveals an intimate and cozy air that comforts the mind of its customers.

A hut in blue-and-white color
The restaurant is one commercial unit in an office/commercial tower. Even though the ceiling height is about three meters the air-conditioning pipes jammed above significantly reduce the net ceiling height. Mesh white color steel webbing forms the ceiling top. To provide a prominent impression of goose’s nests, the design adopted graphic design and installation elements such as tree twigs and branches to embellish the space. The tree branches gradually lower down to join with the seating. The clever arrangement of tree elements form a scene of rich layering that invites nature light to dwell and linger until it hits the floor in patches of shade. This dining lounge is more like a scene in fable, a surreal fantasy that seals our the hassles that are the reality of daily life.

The view in the lounge meets the many pitched roofs shielding off the spaces for seating enclosures. Pitched roof is an obvious symbol of “home”, and immediately joins with symbol of the goose’s nest above. Lighting design and surface texture were all well selected to invite further interpretation of a cozy home space. Lee explained why the partitions all have a square opening; he said that the customers’gaze reminds everyone that has a wondering desire as to his own existence may get lost in the past.

Another vista view ends at a bookshelf in a grid pattern. Books are another good symbol that reminds one of youth and memories of growing up. Even though it is situated in the busiest district of the super megacity, Bistro Goose Hut is particular. It is quite an experience where fairy tale fantasy meets with rational restrained Scandinavian design color and texture. Symbolic emblems of trees, nests, and pitched roofs turn the simply sensuous act of eating into a mediation of self and one’s past.

Design: Golucci International Design / Lee Hsuheng, Zhao Shuang, Zheng Yanan
Photographer: Sun Xiangyu

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