BrandDeli offices by DZAP, Amsterdam – Netherlands

December 9th, 2015 by retail design blog

DZAP has developed the new office space of tv ad company BrandDeli located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. For BrandDeli, a company working in tv advertisement and located in Amsterdam DZAP transformed a warehouse into a homey office. The concept behind the design aimed to turn the space into one that would look and feel ‘nicer than at home’.

One of the challenges was to illuminate the dark space that only had a few big windows in the front façade and a patio to let the light come in. On the first floor, the darker areas of the building were used to facilitate work such as meeting rooms, reprography areas and for a bar. Cabinets were cleverly used to create a division between the bar/kitchen and the reprography areas.

The more lighter second floor was used for a pretty big kitchen / reception desk / bar which immediately strikes you when you enter the floor. This long stretched element connects the light front of the building with the big windows to the more dark back side. The kitchen seamlessly transforms into a reception where the guests and employees get coffee and can wait, lounge or work around a modern fireplace that is also designed as a divider between waiting area and a library. Fresh soup and lunch are served every day from the kitchen and the smell of fresh food combined with vintage carpets and lots of places to lounge helps the workers to feel ‘more than at home.’

By designing house-shaped structures, the home-away-from-home idea was reinforced, providing shelter for those who need a private space to make a phone call or want to concentrate on working. Most of the workstations are in open spaces but a handful of them are independent, with transparent glass partitions so light can flow freely. The brick wall gives the concrete environment character and strengthens the industrial look and feel of the whole office.

Design: DZAP
Photography: Stijn Poelstra

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