Hôtel Exquis by Exquise Esquisse, Paris – France

December 19th, 2015 by retail design blog

French interior designer Julie Gauthroncollaborates with street artists to give Elegancia’s new Paris hotel, the ‘Exquis’, a vibrant and surrealist edge.

Taking inspiration from the Surrealist movement, Elegancia renew their on-going collaboration with Julie Gauthron for the ‘Hôtel Exquis’. Offering a quirky and colourful hideaway in Paris’ trendy 11th arrondissement, the 42 rooms have 8 surrealistic decorative themes. On each floor an artist or a duo of artists have created for each room an art installation in the style of a ‘cadavres exquis’ collage.

Contributing artists:
● Monsieur Lui; Thom Thom; Jean Faucheur & Surfil; Fred Chevalier & Severine Metraz; Macay.
● The lift shaft, visible from each floor, has been tagged by Spanish street artist, Chanoir.
● Wallpaper by Timorous Beasties, Cole & Son, Osbourne & Little, Miss Print.
● Furniture & lighting &Tradition, Eno, House Doctor.
● Bespoke Wall lighting made from copper tubing was designed and made to order. High tables for the downstairs bar and breakfast area were designed and made to mesaure.

Bespoke design, Julie Gauthron
Vintage: In each room, small half-moon vintage tables have been customised as bathroom furniture. Antique sewing machine tables and vintage television stands have been transformed in to desks or bathroom sink stands. In the breakfast room and reception area, there is a selection of vintage pieces from the 50s and 60s, sourced from the Saint Ouan antiques market, in the north of Paris.

The Hôtel Exquis, with Julie Gauthron’s original and imaginative signature style, brings a colourful, whimsical and artistic air to the heart of the 11th quarter of Paris.
La décoratrice-artiste Julie Gauthron s’est entourée d’artistes contemporains et de street artistes pour son dernier projet, l’Hôtel Exquis (Paris 11)…

Design: Exquise Esquisse / Julie Gauthron
Photography: Céline Demoux

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