Expendio Tradición Mezcal Bar by EZEQUIELFARCA architecture & design, Oaxaca – Mexico

January 8th, 2016 by retail design blog

The Expendio Tradicion takes its name from the stores that sold this drink in the past, a concept that the Chagoya family, with its 140 years of tradition producing mezcal, has shared with EZEQUIELFARCA architecture & design for it to convert the interior into a space where everything is designed around the brand.

The design concept was to merge the interior spaces to create a single open space, while respecting the original structure of the house and the façade, which was left intact. The bar was treated as the principal focal point of the whole space, which was harmonized with the use of materials such as recycled mezcal barrels, traditional black clay tiles, and handmade cement floor tiles, which generated local work and economic sustainability.

The original metalwork was created by the renowned local artist Francisco Toledo, whose design, as well as providing a regional touch, successfully integrated with all the other materials to make sense of the overall proposal, which was further perfectly complemented by the graphic design by Savvy.

The interior architecture provides space to accommodate a range of activities including presentations of guest mezcals from the region, tastings and sale of local products that are carefully selected to complete the regional essence, such as those made by Vila de Patos, which are organically produced using wholly sustainable processes.

Expendio Tradicion reinterprets traditional concepts in order to blend into the contemporary lifestyle of the center of Oaxaca and offer visitors a new experience that brings together mezcal, regional food, design and architecture.

Design: EZEQUIELFARCA architecture & design / Ezequiel Farca / Ian Castillo
Photography: Jaime Navarro / Adlai Pulido

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  1. This blog shows interiors are possible with space and correct idea of implementing it.

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