Sushi B Japanese restaurant by Garde Italy, Milan – Italy

February 12th, 2016 by retail design blog

This unique Japanese restaurant is located in the heart of Milan, near Brera Art Gallery inside an historical building. The restaurant is divided into three floors: one basement floor and two above ground floors. The designers followed strict guidelines for the landscape regulations and the protection of historical buildings in Italy. Sushi B is the first restaurant in Milan that offers teppanyaki cuisine where the food is prepared on a grill in front of the customers. The design concept is `summer breeze at sunset`. This project will bring to Milan the traditional flavors of Japanese cuisine set within an exclusive and luxurious environment.

In order to invite the customers inside the restaurant, the design resembles a forest in a summer evening with natural plants that cover the entire wall near the entrance. The lighting allows the customers to find their way into the underground level like fireflies in the sky, and multilayered glass partitions create a sense of depth. The use of natural stone on the floor and walls conveys a mix of modern and traditional Japanese design.

The 8-meter long sushi counter is a masterpiece made of Japanese cypress wood called hinoki. The VIP room features weathered wood panels with a design pattern that recalls the ancient paintings of the Shinto gods of Thunder and Wind. The skillful use of light and shadows creates a dramatic atmosphere yet all rooms are harmonious in creating a unique spatial arrangement.

Designed by Garde Italy

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