Modern West Fine Art Gallery by WOW atelier, Salt Lake City – Utah

February 25th, 2016 by retail design blog

The Modern West Fine Art Gallery represents the best part of the growing and youthful core of downtown Salt Lake City. The gallery is a space that has the essence of the west, but with it’s own panache and elegant interior. The space is completely subservient to the art that is shown in the gallery with its delicate colors and small narratives that are perfect for hanging out or having conversations. The second you walk in and see the arctic and sapphire blue herringbone floors under your feet, you know you are in a different kind of space. The gallery has amazing style but also with restraint and humility, it is a place to unwind and savor all the authentic and unique western art on exhibit.

The Modern West Fine Art Gallery has become a critical part of the downtown art scene that is garnering attention both in and out of the state. The owner and founder Diane Stewart had the vision to also create space the would support the local community through informative events. There is enduring activity charging the space from the monthly gallery stroll, to lectures and openings, and numerous other community events. The work that is showcased in the gallery is frequently refreshed with art from throughout the west and this art represents many of the leading contemporary western artists.

Details in the space:
The Kiva room
Every detail was obsessed over from the custom fabricated hybrid chesterfield to the beautifully designed jewelry case.
The art walls
The challenge in every gallery is walls space, so we built rolling walls that hold almost as much work as the rest of the gallery. The worn and rugged leather handles on the rolling walls remind you of the essence of the west.

The floor
Each piece of ash was hand stained. There were countless variations in the color due to the stain, as well as how the wood accepted the color so the floor became much more about texture, than color.

Diane Stewart

The {DESIGN} team
WOW atelier: Greg Walker, Chimso Onwuegbu, and Jarod Hall
Mark Hofeling Design: Mark Hofeling
Linda Johnson Design; Linda Johnson
Photographs: Trevor Muhler

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