Cloud 7 hotel by I-AM, Istanbul – Turkey

March 11th, 2016 by retail design blog

As a multi-discipline design and brand experience consultancy agency, I-AM designs 360 experiences across a number of industry sectors for unforgettable customer experiences. I-AM conducts in-depth research and analysis to ensure that design and creativity is tailored solely to the wishes of customers and the needs of the business.

The power of I-AM’s outstanding designs is rooted in its methods which help brands finding ways to engage with their customers emotionally as well as rationally. I-AM who brings in a new perspective and appearance to brands, created the brand identity, interior and digital designs for a new independent hotel group Cloud 7.

I-AM and CLOUD 7
Cloud 7 is a new city hotel which offers services to customers who live fast, travel spontaneously, love surprises and who are social, fun and good at using technology. Regarding Cloud 7 project, Emre Kuzlu one of I-AM’s founding partners stated: “Together with our team of experts and our global experience in creating a customer experience, we have designed a hotel with innovative characteristics that will be popular worldwide, to support “the art of spontaneous living” concept with the motto of ‘dream, discover, inspire, live, meet and share’. We have carried out a very elegant and complete work from interior design components to brand creation, from digital elements to employee outfits and to printed materials.”

Cloud 7, is owned by Kerten, one of investor Michael O Shea’s investment vehicles, which is also the majority shareholder behind Turkey’s The House Hotel Collection. Regarding Cloud 7, O Shea has announced that they are targeting to be the number one preference of guests in Eastern Europe, Caucasus and the Middle East who care about affordability, style and adventure and are open to digital innovations starting from 2020.

Within Cloud 7’s concept and interior design, technology and communication means were prioritised to allow guests to communicate with other guests and be connected within their environment. Ordinary reception and lobby areas are designed to blend into different ambiances, components that look like essential to a hotel, such as a reception counter are designed as shared tables. All kinds of operations related to the hotel (check in, check out) are built through a technological infrastructure, which will allow guests to carry them out online and on their own.

While a young, dynamic, eclectic and fun design was adopted in the hotel’s lobby/ground floor, a comfortable/cozy, vibrant and inspiring design language was applied in the rooms. The use of surprising and inspiring components in the hotel was a priority and all of this has been combined with technology. For example, you will be able to buy an art piece on the wall through your mobile phone.

Cloud 7, responds to the fast city life and travelling style with a spontaneous place and is considered as a ‘smart hotel’ through its technological and access solutions. Cloud 7 targets to grow with 15 hotels in order to meet the need of affordable and high-class accomodation in the area. Therefore, while building the concept on a global brand and architectural design, I-AM has included elements of the local characteristics of every city where it will be opened, as it happened in Istanbul.

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