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Jewelry represents time and witnesses stories. In this project, we cooperated with SEEING JEWELRY, hoping to convey a space that contains both the beauty and stories to the customers.

Less Distraction; More Conversation
SEEING JEWELRY owns a lot of artistic works of many famous jewelry designers. It emphasizes on the special story of each work thus the jewelry itself would have some deep meaning. To achieve this story-function, we divided the whole space into two floors.

The first floor is designed for hall and video studio. The hall can be taken as the buffer area. A solemn atmosphere can be created due to the concrete cantilever- structured stairs and the tender light from the ceiling. Customers can enjoy themselves in this space without much distraction.

The domed roof church gives the designing idea of the second floor. Decorated with an arched-shaped ceiling, the space feels much higher and also obtains some religious ceremonial sense. Extensive hickory grille is used, together with long pile carpet. The above constructed a comfortable environment that can lead the customers into the story of each jewelry

Shape of the story
Jewelry contains story while space contains jewelry. We built a Church, hoping the space can lead customers to hearing those moving stories.

Interiors Designers: Pures Design
Space Designer: Tianyu Xiong, Xiaokai Zhang
Design Performer: Hongda Lu, Chengcheng Feng
Photographs: Xiaokai Zhang


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