A.P.C. store by Laurent Deroo, San Francisco – California

May 16th, 2016 by retail design blog

French contemporary brand A.P.C. continues its expansion on the U.S. west coast, and for its new store in San Francisco it has picked another location off the beaten shopping track, and the decision to plant a flag in the Jackson square area by such a coveted brand has further strengthened the foundation of a new hipster enclave in the city. The store is situated on the lofty ground floor of a historic building which dates back to 1860, and was previously home to an art gallery. Creative director Jean Touitou worked together with Paris-based architect and longtime collaborator Laurent Deroo to redesign the space and make full use of its exceptional spational dimensions.

Narrow, deep, and as said, with high ceilings, the space was stripped of anything ornate to show off the dimensions in their purest form. Playing on this depth, a number of presentation alcoves counter the corridor effect, while also highlighting items from the collection. These alcoves are bound by low partitions made from zinc plates used in construction and supported by fleecy fabrics arranged in tiers that hold items for display. The setting is framed by oak plank flooring, cleverly installed diagonally to visually reduce the corridor effect, and a ceiling composed of cement building panels, held by chunky screws.

These panels are combined with a diagonal pattern of sunken ceiling lights, adding a slight futuristic touch to the interior. The new A.P.C. store is packed with coveted merchandise, including the brand’s full range of men’s and women’s apparel, accessories and shoes, in addition to selected women’s pieces from the Vanessa Seward collection, the A.P.C. outdoor voices collab, the Louis W. capsule collection, and the series of quilts that Touitou designed with British designer Jessica Ogden.


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