K11 Molecular Marché by AS Design Service & K11, Hong Kong

October 10th, 2016 by retail design blog

In the eyes of designer Sam Sum and Four Lau, from AS Design Service Ltd, the individual kiosks are molecules. Like the art of molecular gastronomy, after being deconstructed, restructured, and reapplied, the original layout of the kiosk area in Level B2 of K11 mall has been restructured to resemble the molecular bonding. The design of the project aims at integrating the kiosk area and creating a diversified platform for all the kiosks. Moreover, the content of the kiosks will be seasonally refreshed to retain attraction. The challenge in this optimization project is that the construction had to be carried out without hindering the daily operations of the current businesses. As a result, more factors had to be taken into consideration. To be consistent with K11’s commitment to cultivating an atmosphere of art, five values from the Artisanal Movement have been implanted: Imagination, Bespoke, Craftsmanship, Heritage and Contemporary.

Situated in the middle of Tsim Sha Tsui, one of the most bustling areas in Hong Kong, Level B2 of K11 Mall occupies 736 SQM. Based on the concept of “French Marché”, designers have turned this space into a “MOLECULAR MARCHÉ” which will draw a huge crowd. It will surely become a new iconic marché and gathering spot for the trendy group. K11 will constantly be refreshed via User Generator Connect (UGC) facilities and seasonal content. For example, novel interactive media elements will be added to enhance customer interaction. This will remind customers of the ever restructuring molecular mechanism of molecules. This in turn well illustrates K11’s group innovative direction.

The ceiling and the platform are the essence of the design. The hexagonal modular pendant lights resembling molecular structure give an impression of stylish, weightless and stereoscopic, and at the same time resolve the common lighting insufficiency problem found in kiosks. The seemingly floating molecular structured pendant lights elongates up in the space, not only present futurism, but also function as space dividers.

The platform is decorated with some blue hexagonal motifs, working perfectly in concert with the pattern of the pendant lights, which resembles the vibrant restructuring process of molecules. The motifs serve as directional signs as well, guiding customers around to experience leisure, entertainment and shopping in novel ways. Customers would find themselves in a relaxed, joyful and intriguing journey. Not only on the ceiling and the platform, the molecular pattern can also be found on the 3-dimensional screen panels and casual stools, with nature materials like cement, wooden veneer and plant being used, these decorations are modern and full of vitality.

Design Firm: AS Design collaboration with K11
Design Team: Marco Hung, Nick Chow, Four Lau, Sam Sum
Photography: Sing Studio by Sum Sing

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