RE LED lamp branding by Saad branding+design

October 25th, 2016 by retail design blog

A brand focused on products to save natural resources and money: inspired by the brand idea “smart people inspiring a smarter planet” we created RE. Meaning “do again”, RE brings many concepts to mind, such as REuse, REduce and REcycle.

The identity has bold colors, typographies and phrases that leads to reflection and propose a wiser lifestyle, highlighted by its tagline: Rethink. The datasheets (technical boards used by suppliers and resellers) are grouped as needed, making it possible to customize and to reduce paper.

The multi-functional packaging made of a durable and recyclable material comes with a seed paper that can be planted inside the package itself, with several possibilities of reuse. Bold, inspiring and truly sustainable, RE now stands out amongst its competitors in Brazil and abroad.

Sustainable design is about creating better solutions that inspiring people to take action, to be themselves change agents. All that was developed by saad branding+design sought to both reduce production processes, to create several possibilities of reuse and also to transform the way we think about packaging.

Design: Saad branding+design

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  1. This is one of my favorite branding examples in a while. Great example of use of color and utility.

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