Medneo Office by Boka, Berlin – Germany

December 11th, 2016 by retail design blog

Boka has designed the new offices of radiology as a service company Medneo located in Berlin, Germany. Medneo is a young and innovative company with headquarters in Berlin that specializes in Radiology as a Service – a new operation model for radiology – for the inpatient and outpatient sector.

Under this model, Medneo has transformed a traditional hardware business into a service business. The company offers diagnostic imaging on demand. We supply clinical images instead of devices – a revolutionary idea, which today has become the key to medneo’s success.

Medneo moved its headquarters to the centre of Berlin in May 2016. With lots of space, glass and panoramic views over the city, a perfect atmosphere is provided to encourage productivity and creative problem solving. Spreading on the two top floors of the building the office features industrial elements that support the functional design and add a lofty character.

The open kitchen with an excellent coffee machine and the roof-top are used as gathering spaces and central hubs for the headquarters’ 50 employees which are part of the in total around 150 employees of Medneo in Germany. Elaborate workplaces consider fast communication within each department.

The grey and white base with splashes of corporate blue provides a timeless and clean look. Modern and comfortable, wide lounge spaces come alongside integrated phone rooms, which offer privacy and silence whenever needed. The office also creates a great collaborative environment from sit-stand desks, full-wall white boards to a variety of meeting spaces behind glass walls to allow natural light and team work.

Design: Boka
Photography: Konstantin Börner

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