Surrender flagship store by Asylum, Singapore

January 18th, 2017 by retail design blog

Since its foundation in 2004, the Surrender boutique in Singapore has indulged in-the-know locals with a curated range of fashion-forward brands and styles, and helped shape the city’s stature as Southeast Asia’s leading shopping mecca along the way. This progressive vision has recently been taken up a few notches by way of a brand new flagship that aims to deliver the Surrender clientele an even more engaging and fresh retail experience through the interaction of space, music, fashion and art. The store is situated on the ground floor of 268 Orchard road, a sleek multi-storey mall which opened in 2014, smack on Singapore’s most popular shopping mile. The modern store design, created by Acclaimed Singaporean Design Studio Asylum, is totally compatible with the steel-and-glass aesthetic of the location.

Inspired by Richard Serra’s large-scale steel sculptures, the fa├žade of the surrender store comprises of scroll-like panels that largely conceal its interior, creating a heightened sense of anticipation for shoppers to discover what’s to be found inside. Upon entering the premises, it’s immediately evident that this flowing aesthetic is prolongued, captured by curved walls, shelving, and most prominently, two swirling display tables. The furnishings are completed by a range of steel clothing racks that both line the walls and encircle the sculptural displays. Adding up to the sense of innovation is a fitting room that offers a very practical 360 degree view of oneself. Surrender’s brand list is extensive and full of exclusive labels, and currently includes coveted names such as Undercover, Ambush, Geoffrey B. Small, Visvim, Emanuele Bicocchi and Dstm.

Design: Asylum
Photography: Surrender

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