myAudi Sphere showroom by BENJAMIN HAUPT ARCHITEKTEN, Munich – Germany

January 20th, 2017 by retail design blog

How does the automotive showroom of the future look like? – a design and process related question continuously raised by the progressive brand Audi. The recently completed renovation of the Audi showroom at the Munich Airport targets to deliver an answer to this question. Analog to the Audi City concept – first realized 2012 in London – Audi is also instrumental in digital showroom elements, which allows using the latest technology customers to configure your vehicle virtually and experience. The visitors of the Audi showroom at Munich Airport offers up a unique sphere of digital opportunities to meet. Vorneweg the virtual tour to their own dream car with the aid of 3D glasses. Besides an extensive range of Audi Sport, completes an inviting café / bar area, the functional program.

The redesigned by BENJAMIN MAIN ARCHITECT showroom area breaks with Audi’s design strategies of the past, which engineered a materiality, monochromatic color and formal quotes the exterior design of the products – set in the foreground – so the vehicle from outside. The approach of the architect is to provide a holistic experience sphere which corresponds, thus making the product more accessible due to its materiality, feel, quality craftsmanship and design of imagery for Audi customers. The main design element wallcoverings were selected from Alkantara and ash veneer, which on the one hand Audi’s interior design – so the vehicle from the inside – quote and simultaneously convey authenticity and a premium claim.

The disturbance of the vertically aligned wall paneling, by introducing diagonal joints, and by triangulation of the input and Barrückwand, contrasting with natural materials and thereby generate a progressive tension between materiality and form. The selected, light gray, reminiscent of raw screed and quartz stone, tiling stoneware contrasts with the finely drawn and perfectly finished products and so completes the conceptual approach of producing contrasts.

Embedded in the showroom bar area invites with its multi-functional seating arrangements for informal sales pitches and made of Corian anthrazitem, sculptural bar to linger while enjoying a perfectly prepared espresso. The entire design and coordinated colors allows visitors holistically into the Audi immerse sphere.


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