Q25 windows by You_lab, Odessa – Ukraine

January 28th, 2017 by retail design blog

Designer hand-made window displays for a brand name clothing store Q25, Odessa, Ukraine. The goal of the installation was to take the viewers to an enchanted winter landscape while adhering to the Q25 store minimalistic interior design style. There are 9 window displays consisting of 2 panels each.

The first panel is developed using the string-art technique and features an image of a winter animal (snow leopard, bear, deer, walrus, etc.) consisting of a pattern of multiple small polygons. The second panel is an imitation of the respective animal’s paw prints in the snow. To add to the magic-forest impression, all displays are supplemented by the beautiful snowdrifts at the bottom.

The idea to portray the animals and snow using the distinct geometric pattern of polygons echoes an image of a beautiful snowflake form. Snow is created using the latest realistic technology. All panels’ details and parts were hand-made by the designers Julia Petrenko and Svetlana Lifer (studio You_lab).

Design: You_lab
Photography: Julia Petrenko

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