Silvering collection by Verreum

February 6th, 2017 by retail design blog

Silvering is the chemical process of coating glass with a reflective substance. Prague based brand Verreum aims to re-invent this technique from scratch through new technologies and various experimental approaches. The manufacturer collaborated with a number of international designers to produce a range of decorative items such as vases, bowls, lamps, candlesticks and small furniture pieces at Salone del Mobile 2016.

‘Waterfall’ by Arik Levy is a collection inspired by the way water falls and flows over surfaces such as stones, rocks and the body. The series of vases contain a rippled surface which reflect a spectrum of metallic pastel hues. Each piece ranges in size and diameter and is supported by a circular wooden base, which brings a grounded quality to the assemblage.

‘Vitroidi’ by Luca Nichetto is a series of bold furniture pieces that express playful anthropomorphic qualities. The designer states that ‘the idea came about while thinking about decorative objects that could eventually be implemented with a simple function.’ The use of silvered glass and playful shapes creates a family of characters with strong personalities that take on extraterrestrial qualities. They can be used as ornamental centerpieces as well as flower vases, tea light holders or even just to keep you company.

The aim behind ‘Chubby’ by Alain Gilles was to create a piece that conveys warmth by using a generous form and friendly appearance. The outer shape of the seat is like an iconic milk stool through its revolved curve and simple shape, a comfortable padded cushion is placed on top which mimics a rising souffle. The combination of fabric and glass creates an unexpected contrast since these two materials are almost never associated together.

‘Corolle’ by Sebastian Herkner refers to the petals which form the dress of a flower. The transparent hood, which contains a grid like pattern, overlaps the base of the lamp creating a delicate mushroom top. The vase expresses a sculptural quality, which can be complimented with or without a bouquet.

‘Counterbalance’ by Dan Yeffet pays tribute to the technique of glassblowing. Material and craft are persistently at the core of the designer’s research, interrogations and inspirations. Therefore his first collaboration with the czech manufacturer was the perfect occasion to imagine the long slender lamp, which contains a large angelic shaped head.

‘Rocket Science’ is a set of candle holders by David Nicolas which are made of steel and silver blown glass, brass or stainless steel, marble. It was imagined as a rocket ready for take off, with the candles used to display a sense of growing motion. The glass/marble is used for the supporting base and shows an interesting play on reflection and refraction. they come in two sizes, one free standing and one that is used for the table.

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