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February 18th, 2017 by retail design blog

New Zealand based design and art practice KAMP.studio has released a collection of limited edition sculptural products for the home and body. The 2017 release includes a desk pen designed to be cherished forever, nature-inspired jewellery and a number of home ware products. Every piece in the collection is made by a combination of advanced 3D printing technologies and traditional handcraft.

KAMP.studio was founded in 2016 by award winning designer Daniel Kamp, as a design and art practice to create sculptural products and projects. The studio’s first release of products aims to encourage an ethical approach to the use of 3D printing. By pairing the technology with elegant design, handcraft and quality materials the studio believes it can make products that people will love forever, rather than tire of and throw away. All products in the collection are limited edition and made to order, to encourage a feeling of personal connection between owner and belonging.

The signature product of the collection is Era; a sculptural desk pen created in response to the staggering number of ballpoint pens disposed of every year. The Era Pen is designed to be cherished forever and is available in solid bronze or sterling silver.
The pen is 3D printed in wax, then hand cast in either of the luxurious metals and left with a raw finish that is imperfect from day one and patinas with age. Era has a twisted triangular profile that makes it specific to either left or right-handed owners. When not in use, the pen stands in a solid porcelain base, forming a piece of desktop sculpture.

“The Era Pen is the perfect representation of our intention to use the accuracy of new technologies and the beautiful imperfection of handcraft to create products that are explorative, ethical and elegant all at once.” – Daniel Kamp

Other products in the collection include organic rings, intricately interlinked necklaces, a spherical tea set and a pour over coffee brewer with a titanium filter; all made to order by collaborations between 3D printing technologists and traditional craftspeople.
The KAMP.studio collection will be ‘ever-evolving’, with limited edition products turning over regularly. The Studio believes this to be a more sustainable alternative to mass production as diversity and uniqueness are imperative to creating emotional connection.

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