Christian Louboutin Lost in space windows by StudioXAG, Worldwide

March 28th, 2017 by retail design blog

A Space Age scheme took over Christian Louboutin boutiques across the globe to launch their Spring 2017 collection. Windows featured chrome finish ‘UFO’ pods, surrounded by jewel-tone cabochon lights. Footwear and accessories are displayed atop a red rocket trail, whilst an illuminated shard extends from a heap of glittering moon rock. Galactic star-filled backdrops feature Louboutin’s take on a glamorous astronaut, the new collection floating in zero-gravity nearby.

In the Paris flagship windows, a ‘UFO’ pod was blown-up to utilise the entire window. The new collection hovers between chrome panels, revealing sections of alternating flashing teal and purple cabochon lights. The windows also featured enlarged versions of the red rocket cones, all surrounding a lenticular graphic from the campaign featuring a spacewoman coursing through the cosmos.

Design: StudioXAG

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