Olive Young store by centdegrés, Busan – Korea

April 26th, 2017 by retail design blog

How best to properly celebrate the opening of the 800th Olive Young boutique? By creating and opening Busan, a unique space designed by centdegrés and now THE place-to-be in South Korea. A kind of art deco temple where the Great Gatsby’s spirit seems to permeate the walls and atmosphere. Decorative moldings, elegantly embellished mirrors including metalwork and golden discs, a central dome, a felted bar for men, graphic chandeliers…

Everything has been designed so that behind the large and minimalist-styled windows, visitors can wonder around 700 square-meters of chic and magical decor and atmosphere. The interior has been designed to showcase the products distributed by the brand in a fun way: allowing visitors to play on the consultation tables, question the intelligent mirrors and thoroughly enjoy a unique, surprising and interactive experience.

For Olive Young, a great advocate of simplicity, this is an exploit and a daring success; for centdegrés, having been able to create and design in record time such a creative, selective and festive space and atmosphere, it is an accomplishment. The result was commended and praised by both Busan and South Korea last December.

Design: centdegrés
Photography: Olive Young team

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  1. Dean Kyle Ang says:

    Hi! Goodevening! I would like to inquire the contact (preferably e-mail) of the Olive Young Store in Gwangan, Busan South Korea. I am writing from the Philippines, since we just arrived home. I have some questions and queries about our purchase on the night of August 31, 2017. There are missing items, that are shown in the receipt , and we were charged with that. We were also told about some products having discount, but when reflected in the receipt, there are no discount given. Hope you could give us a feedback on whom to contact and how to resolve this matter. We are looking forward for your reply the soonest possible! Thank you and God Bless!

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