Alsion Lou Spring window by SPACE NY, New York City

June 19th, 2017 by retail design blog

The vibrant and irreverent bee window at Alison Lou on 69th Street in New York City is an homage to all things spring. The bee sculptures in the window are the artistic interpretation of enamel and gold bee studs that the designer carries in her boutique, each one unique. In addition to being a popular emoji, bees are quintessential to the summer season. The honeycomb background serves as the oversized bees hive, the brass chains installed in the honeycomb pattern have resin dripping from them giving the appearance of dripping honey. The three bees are hand sculpted, and each have Alison Lou stackable rings on their forward-facing leg.

Designed by SPACE NY
Photography by Connie Zhou

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One thought on “Alsion Lou Spring window by SPACE NY, New York City

  1. Super like. Just seeing that display brings to mind the joy of spring and summer. And that is really what great display design is all about. You don’t need to say a word. The messaging is all in the display. The key to attracting the customer’s attention is to put across an idea in a way that is instantly recognizable, free of clutter and a stand-apart visual.

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