OAK Building Apeldoorn office by Mulderblauw architects, Apeldoorn – The Netherlands

July 26th, 2017 by retail design blog

Merin invited Mulderblauw to design a series of boutique offices. The focus for these offices lies on stimulating encounters and interaction while creating an inspirational work environment. The concept of Oak Building in Apeldoorn is based on the industrial history of the building and the nature in the surrounding area. The key question was “how do we get nature and technique to connect in an interior design?” “Oak Building” is located on a former Philips site. Up until a few years back, this is where circuit boards for mechanical engineering and medical applications were produced.

The graphic patterns of circuit boards are incorporated in the carpets and window stickers. The industrial feel is enhanced by using different types of steel and concrete. A lot of greenery and natural basic colors were applied in the interior design to add softness. The colors are inspired by the heath lands and grassy plains of the Veluwe. Notable is that the patterns of the circuit boards and certain natural patterns are very much alike. This has created a special mix of industrial and natural elements which in turn makes it an appreciated place to work and to relax.

Design: Mulderblauw architects
Photography: Studio de Nooyer

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