Mercado Libre offices by Contract Workplaces, Alem – Argentina

July 31st, 2017 by retail design blog

Contract Workplaces designed the offices of Latin American online marketplace Mercado Libre, located in Alem, Argentina. The model that characterizes Mercado Libre’s corporate culture is that of open and flexible spaces without distinction of hierarchy in an effort to facilitate communication, enhance people’s well-being and productivity and create the best environment.

The core concept of the project has been the connectivity of the company with its users. The use of perforated shapes and materials that evoke nets, meshes and fabrics together with the use of vibrant colours provided material support to the idea. In line with the model established by the company, floors are organized in open plan and there are no private offices.

Moreover, regardless of the hierarchy, all the work positions are identical and have the same chair quality and model. With a view to making the most of natural light, operational positions were placed on the perimeter of the floor, while the gathering rooms, quiet rooms and meeting rooms were placed adjacent to the nucleus, thus generating an internal circulation flow that allows for access to the service rooms and restrooms.

Design: Contract Workplaces
Photography: Andrés Negroni

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  1. Hugo Quezada says:

    Amazing design of spaces, colors, ligth and textures. Excellence use of movement!

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