Roadhouse restaurant by Circle Line Interior, Dnipro – Ukraine

August 11th, 2017 by retail design blog

Roadhouse is the second restaurant in the chain (the first one is here) created by Circle Line Interior studio. It specializes in American barbeque and craft cocktails.

This is the first restaurant of such kind in Dnipro – with kids play room and outside playground, large terrace, stage and big contact bar inside.

The main goal for us was to create zoned space where different groups of clients would feel comfortable, whether they came as a large company, as a couple or as a family with children.

The main dining area is divided into 5 areas:
1. Benches along huge windows under the tin radial roof. Between each section of benches, we’ve planted greens that can grow in the harsh climate of Southern States of America, where barbeque was born.
2. Small separate tables in the middle of the restaurant. This area is for festive people who came here to appreciate live music as they are close to the stage.

3. High tables close to the bar. Above these, we’ve hung chandeliers that look like barbeque lids. In the middle of each table, we’ve created a special niche for barbeque sauces and snacks. This area is for big companies who came here to be in the middle of the whirl: close to the bar yet not far from the stage.
4. Bar itself. It has a beautiful feature wall made of tin panels, that we sourced from States and then aged in Ukraine.
5. The most secluded and romantic area – in the corner. It has a shelve which is covered with unique pieces that our studio sourced around the world. Every object is meaningful and authentic.

The overall area of the restaurant is 350 m2.
Architects: Kate Kuzmenko, Iryna Filon, Valentin Dorofeiev, Evgeny Noskov
Photos by Aleksander Angelovskiy

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