Digital Garden by, Düsseldorf – Germany

August 14th, 2017 by retail design blog transformed the work- and recreational space of an IT firm into a new theme world – a digital garden.

Imagine you find yourself in a garden. You feel the grass underneath your feet, a humming noise is tickling your ears and the smell of a fresh summer breeze is conquering your nose while you’re slowly proceeding from one patch to another. You take a minute and you think about the garden itself with all its different areas and patches that divide the garden according to its usage – welcome to InVision.

However, InVision cannot be seen as a regular garden. With regard to the company’s relevance within the world of IT, created a digital garden for InVision’s work- and recreational space. created a contrast between the strict orthogonal architecture of the building and the free flowing organic shapes of the office’s interior design.

In order to stress the character of the “garden”, various islands have been placed in the room, that divide the space into different areas of usage. The designs of the islands’ surfaces aim to match the theme. Apart from that, some elements on the walls are filled with real plants, while “grass carpets” are covering the floors.
Furthermore, InVision’s digital garden shows a unique light installation.

A LED wall connecting two floors with each other, can be seen as the heart of the room. Its shape symbolizes growth while showing an animation of plants growing from the bottom to the top. Besides that, LED dots can be found behind special panels and aim to bring some movement within the interior design due to their varying depth.
Apart from this, so called “light worms” and “highlight-walls” belong to InVisions light concept. They guide the way through the building and establish a connection between the two floors. They absorb the color of the current scene within the room and create a consistent atmosphere.

All of the light elements are interconnected and can be regulated in order to match the lighting to different events.

Photos by Julia Reschucha

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