Lily Nails Salon by Archstudio, Beijing – China

August 18th, 2017 by retail design blog

With its bright white interiors and lace walls that look light enough to float, Lily Nails Salon gives its customers a break from the mall, within the mall. Another design collaboration between the beauty parlour and Arch Studio, the salon gives visitors space to breathe in the otherwise cluttered shopping centre.

The lace-like pattern of the salon walls gives the interior a floating airiness, despire being made of laser-cut steel. In a minimalist fashion reminiscent of the studio’s previous work for the Lily Nails flagship in the capital’s Yau Tang Shopping Centre, Arch Studio aims to translate the two-dimensional floral designs often found on nail stencils into a three-dimensional space. The curved ‘stencils’ function as dividers between the space’s various areas in lieu of solid walls. The result: porous white screens that add to the space’s light and open atmosphere.

Lily Nails’s transparent entrance contrasts with the black hot-rolled steel plates that frame it, giving passersby a glimpse of the tranquil oasis within. The visual lightness and purity of the interior invites customers to let their everyday troubles float away, as they get a manicure within the space that feels like being inside a manicure.

Design Archstudio
Text Chahinez Bensari
Photos Jin Weiqi

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