ARTIS store by Arboit Ltd. Design and Architecture, Chongqing – China

September 8th, 2017 by retail design blog

As a leading fashion label on Chinese market ARTIS is committed to establish it’s own image as “New Classic”. As per client’s briefing the intention of this project is to redefine the retails space in order to address the collection of clothes to the same main-stream segment of consumers through a store whose new design is on a other hand a radical departure from the highly conventional look of Chinese high-street store. The increasing habit of on-line shopping is pushing brand directors to re-think retail spaces to create excitement and use innovative design as added value to attract younger costumers.

The challenge of the interior design project is a branding type of job in which the architect has to catch the essence of the brand and reflect it in defining an inspiring, totally new design format in tune with a current aesthetic sensibility. Introducing an element of originality against the back drop of a very regular Chinese retail architectural landscape is the goal of the project for this brand. The approach used by Arboit Limited to achieve this goal is juxtaposing a strong figurative concept to a neutral color palette made of whites and beiges and a very traditional range of materials such as light marbles, dark mahogany wood, brass details and white ceramic bespoke tiles.

The figurative idea unfolds around the concept of elegant large trunk typically used by wealthy travelers during 19th and first half of 20th century. This iconic reference reflects the spirit of the brand : the theme of the journey is telling a story of a ever changing reality in which a fashion brand like ARTIS transform itself to be in sync with the spirit of the time. The motif of the journey is also part of this brand’ s DNA since the main collection is actually produced by using Italian fabrics which is pretty much a key factor to be communicated to an increasingly quality-hungry Chinese consumers.

The concept tells the story of a fashion journey: precious fabrics and clothes coming form Italy are delivered to China, thy open up in the store to unveil the collection to the audience. The clothes are actually presented from inside the trucks as wall displays are styled with all the details. Internal typical padding is translated as a three-dimensional back drop panel wall-washed by concealed LED profiles to highlight the sculptural depth of the surface. Metal corner profiles used to avoid scratches are designed as brass details by the frame of the window display and typical round metal stud normally used as bumpers and to reinforce trunks’ structure are interpreted to close up leather laces holding the hangers and the individual hooks to display clothes.

These styled typical details are the “fil-rounge” holding together the story of the concept across the retail space. In this project we try to over come the repetitive retail space standard schemes concerning the design of hangers which is normally either completely predictable or concealed by decoration. In our case we wanted to put the hanging solution at the centre of the design process in developing a fresh structural idea to become the signature item of the project by embedding within its own engineering the concept of the project : combining together the brass stud typically used along the external surfaces of the trunks to prevent scratching with the leather lace typically used as internal belt to tide up clothes or shoes.

The ultra thin metal wire attached to the ceiling and the reflective stainless steel finishing aim to drive shoppers’ eye exclusively on the stud and leather sweet detail and to make the hanging system kind of disappearing in favour to the clothes as if they where hanging mid air against the white sculptured background made of matt ceramic tiles. We also like the juxtaposition textures and finishing: the polish brass stud against the rich texture of the leather the matt ceramic tiles against the shining stainless steel bar. The concept is going to be repeated through over 50 stores pop up stores and concessions across China.

Design: Arboit Ltd. Design and Architecture
Photography: QIWEN

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