Co-Sharing Office by Andyrahman Architect, Sidoarjo Regency – Indonesia

September 11th, 2017 by retail design blog

From the architect. This Co-Sharing Office stands for Consciousness of Sharing – Office. An office with shared consciousness, a real dialogue between the various elements, both internally and externally, and in different levels and different contexts. All of that is manifested in architecture.

Andy Rahman Architect’s office located in Sidoarjo, Indonesia is designed with the awareness that all human beings in this world live on the same earth, one earth. With that awareness, humans appreciate the interconnectedness and dependence of each other. They will not be able to live alone individually. Then all that has to be done is to break down the individual-ego barriers and break through the dividing spaces.

Unlike modern times when humans seek to separate themselves from nature and try to dominate them, even trying to break the course of local history and traditions. In this office, precisely nature-history-tradition is used as a spatial-architectural orientation. All three are transformed into architectural formations that are aware of the interconnectedness and dependence of the entities that exist on earth.

Design: Andyrahman Architect
Photography: Mansyur Hasan

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